Tina Grondin


I enjoy creating places in which viewers can enter and interpret based on their own reflective experience. My work is inspired by natural and urban environments, and by factors which affect them.  Art, like life is a process of transition. I try to express states of fragility, endurance, order and chaos which occur with change. My process includes building and breaking down form and detail in order to create composition and new content. Layers, and sometimes collage materials, are concealed and exposed, establishing a physical and psychological history. They are like archeological discoveries in which past, present and unresolved questions of future have been captured simultaneously. Through the context of landscape, I explore resistance, imposition and synchronicity as they occur within conditions of transition. My art making is free, allowing each new work to evolve as it needs to.  Regardless of variations in process or medium, they are tied by a fascination to create new worlds in which a viewer may enter.