About Tina Grondin and Her Art

Tina Grondin works from her studio, at home in Garrettsville, Ohio. Her husband, grown children, and two Spaniels fill much of her life. Art making has always been her passion. Tina has earned degrees in Art Education and a Masters in Art (painting) from Kent State University. She worked as an Art Educator for most of her life. It was a difficult decision to leave teaching after losing much of her sight to RP, a degenerative eye disease. She has not lost her need to create art and now pursues this full time. Her paintings have been exhibited and have earned awards at several juried shows. Tina also enjoys traveling and exploring natural environments. These encounters, whether in a bustling city or quaint village, an expansive forest or a tucked away garden, inspire her work. Tina’s work documents her artistic practice; as her vision changes, so will how she communicates through art.  Her current work reflects an ability to see composition or detail but not both simultaneously.