I am inspired by natural and urban environments, and by the conditions of their transformation. Fragile but enduring histories are captured in the beauty of nature and excitement of urban culture. I am moved by the fact that these one day may vanish. The struggle between the past, which we want to hang on to or forget, and the future, which is enticing or anxious, is balanced by our perception of the present. There is order, then chaos and we strive to again find order. Each work is based on multiple sources which I have broken down, rearranged and reconstructed into a new landscape. I work in oils, watercolors and mixed media: maps, media print, fabric and found materials, chosen for their grid composition, their texture or pattern or for their relation to content. Form, line, color and collaged materials are applied in multiple layers to build and unify the work. My process of concealing and exposing layers allows me to simultaneously represent bipolar conditions of emotion, structure and time. I create reconstructed worlds where the pieces don’t exactly fit together anymore.  Through the landscape I respond to human experience where life changes, parts are discarded, rearranged, transformed, and we begin anew